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Custom Dice Sets

Creating your own dice set is very exciting and we want to support you in your journey of making your very own dice.

To help you create your own dice set, we offer three different packages to suit your specific needs. Just select the package you want, add it to your basket and place your order. After placing your order, we will contact you about the details of your custom dice.


1. Custom Design Print

The first option is our whole package deal. And when we say whole package, we mean WHOLE package. If you select this option we help you design your custom dice from scratch. You choose the shapes and sizes of the dice, the font and if you want to add a logo or symbol on any of the faces of the dice. 

We advise you on what is and isn't possible and offer suggestions to adjust your design where necessary. 

Once the design is finished and we are certain that you are happy with it, we print out the dice with our 3D printers. We clean the prints, remove the supports and cure them under UV light. 

When everything is printed we ship your dice to your doorstep. In addition we offer a free reprint of your masters in case an unfortunate accident happens while you are working with them. 


2. Custom Design STL

For those of you who have access to a (resin) 3D printer we offer a similar service. We still design the dice with you from scratch where you decide on the shapes, sizes, font and logo options. Once you are happy with your design, we send you the .stl files so you can print your dice yourself.


3. Personal STL Print

Lastly we also offer a straight up 3D printing service for those of you who designed their own dice masters but don't have access to their own printer. We print the .stl file of your dice for you, remove the supports and ship them to your door. 



Technical details

Our dice masters are 3D printed using LCD Resin Printers that print with a layer height of 0.025mm. That's 40 layers per mm and this allows us to print in very high detail.

Our prints come with the supports removed and cured under UV light. 



Some examples of the mesmerizing dice made with our masters:


Handmade Dice by NicediceHandmade dice by Nicedice

Handmade dice by @Polka.dice
Handmade dice by @Polka.dice


If you choose to use our services for custom dice you are personally responsible for any licences or copyrights of the design. Shamrock Games is not responsible for any copyright violations caused by commercial use of your custom designs.

As it is impossible for us to test all silicones for curing inhibition with our resins we recommend testing a small sample first to see if extra precautions such as for example Inhibit X should be used.

We are not responsible for any loss, damage or other negative result of using this product. You are personally responsible for your actions when working with silicones, resins and other chemical products.