Magic: the Gathering Keyword tokens

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Lasercut acrylic tokens with the symbols for the different MtG keywords such as flying, deathtouch or haste. These tokens are ideal to keep track of any special abilities granted by cards such as Kathrill, Aspect Warper, Crystalline Giant or Vivien, Monsters' Advocate.

Each token is laser engraved with the symbol for a different type of counter. the backsides are blank so they can also be used for other types of counters. 


Available in 3 colours:

red, green and blue

Magic: the Gathering Keyword tokens by Shamrock Games

Each set includes the following 15 tokens:

Indestructible, Vigilance, Flying, Defender, Hexproof

Lifelink, Haste, Menace, First Strike, Double Strike

Trample, Reach, Deathtouch, +1/+1, -1/-1


Wax Colouring

If you really want to make these counters pop, you can use wax crayons to colour the engraved images. Simply rub the crayon on the token (don't worry about colouring between the lines) and then use a microfiber cloth to rub of any excess wax. The grooves will be filled with the wax. This way you can mix and match any colour you like.